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Published April 27, 2015 by reginaginaxoxo


The entire world is shaken by the Nepal Earthquake. Death tolls keep increasing every hour and the odds are not in favor of lives anymore. I am not from Nepal but my hometown lies very close to it and I know not what I can do to make myself at ease, therefore I am writing. I am one of those thousands who experienced the tremor and thought the end was near but yet lived to experience aftershocks one after another. News has already become very depressing and despite of my dire ambition to be a journalist, I am personally getting pissed at articles claiming an earthquake will return again with 32 times more power etc etc. I question if the thing I’ve been doing like writing is an insensitive subject. Do the writers writing five thousand miles away from it know what they are writing about? Do they know how it feels to hug your loved ones and call on the name of almighty whilst the ground and the surrounding shake like a dilapidated cradle? The moment is lavished with horror and anxiety and I wonder if people can relate.

Never mind. I am happy enough to be alive and to be writing this but this epicenter keeps shifting like crazy and the latest one was only few kilometers away from my hometown proper. I hope you are aware that this is not a report or general information, it is my personal account meant for my personal blog.

I had felt the first tremor of this saga two nights before the actual calamity around 2 a.m. just after I had fought with my boyfriend, so you know I was not in the mood to sleep. I felt a slight tremor but at that time I thought it was just in my head. Days passed with trivial monotonies with people having no idea what catastrophe would befall on the 25th of April 2015. Early around 11 a.m I was sitting on the bed reading Wuthering Heights with this lazy ass of mine when I suddenly felt my bed being rocked by an invisible force. I, however did not panic at first, it was only when I heard my neighbors crying out loud that I went to the kitchen where my parents were calling out my name. NO, we did not rush out but held on to each other, praying. GOD KNOWS WHAT HAPPENED IN NEPAL THEN!!!!

The quake created fear unknown to us. No love for wealth, home, materials but each driven to save his/ her own life and the lives of the (most) loved ones. The only thing you think about when grappled with this energy is who matters and what matters.

The tremors are being felt since then and nobody knows what awaits us. All I know is that Everest is acting selfish, consuming us to heighten itself. We all look forward to future and imagine it to be Shangrila at its best and an Eden at its least. Reality has always crushed our dreams but what can victims of the quake dream anymore? The life there is left in shambles of destruction.

Many people in and around my region have relatives, family and friends in this particular neighboring country. Imagine the angst and the panic! Phones and networks acting like major bitches creating all kinds of tensions necessary to cry and break down.

The news of familiar people dying is not an uncommon subject and the news of the troubled government giving troubles to the troubled is not a tongue teaser either.

Tomorrow is the day I am to venture south and pursue my dream of becoming a successful journalist. Well, passing an online test I am called for a personal interview in the far south and I have been excited as ever. But tonight seems to be one of the most challenging nights, I hope I make it through along with everybody else. My parents are all out in the open and they have been constantly calling me to join them along with 20 others who plan to spend a night out rather than in their warm cozy claustrophobic homes but the stubborn ass that I am, I continue to stay in and write this for my blog and readers listening to the song ‘shake it off’ by Taylor Swift.

Whatever may happen, I will stay positive and chase this nauseous vibe away (trust me headaches, vomiting and dizziness are becoming so common after the quake and I have no logic behind it).On a serious note please do pray for Nepal and my region in North India that are affected quite as much. Prayers can work wonders but above all it gives us hope and hope is what keeps us driven. Nepal deserves to be a hopeful country once again. The dead have died and ardent prayers are with them but the undead are the ones who will be needing all the bounty and prayers of the world, to be strong, to live on and rise from the ashes.