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Fashion over Men

Published December 16, 2014 by reginaginaxoxo


Here’s my advice to you girls –
Never never give up on those splendid heels
Those majestic curls
And those invaluable pearls.

Keep reading if you want to know more,
Heartbroken or hung-over and need a cure?
It’s just a long poem for sure
That my haters will not endure.

If you’ve reached here, then read-on
Sometimes I talk of ‘ex’perience and witchdom
Like Eve was for Adam,
And Eve again for Fashion.

Caught between the two, her green coat came to the rescue,
She wore it on her date with Adam named Andrew
Two winters later her warm coat was still brand new
But where was Andrew? He had bid her adieu. 

Heartbroken for a while
She lost her heart but with a smile. 
Learnt a lot about Andrew and then Kyle
But above all learnt to value her style.

Damsel is meant for a beautiful sundress,
Not distress
could king be more powerful than Her Highness
In the game of chess?

The cycle continues
Every new dress is her muse,
Every heartbreak leads to new shoes,
Just kidding, if you know me well heartbreak is an excuse.

For Eve does what she likes,
Who cares if its stripes or motorbikes?
At the end of the day it’s about who has her heart
Will it be Romeo in distress or an online shopping cart?

You decide on that,
I’ll read what I just wrote……..
Cold and lonely as I end my note
I’ll recline back to my warm and loyal green coat.

A Beautiful Dream of Death.

Published November 29, 2014 by reginaginaxoxo


Her soul finally took its liberty,

The bodily bondage gripped with head, shoulder and the knee,

Death seemed to be the only key

That embraced mortals with eternity.

She’s gone now,

No monument of words and vows

Could fill the hollow

And her final sigh was her taking the bow.

Life had entertained her,

The tales she told proved her domineer,

A balanced being- kind and austere

A person I adored calling her grandmother.

It has been ages since her departure,

But why haven’t my lines spoken of her?

She used to live on this sphere,

Very much like you and me, thinking she had forever.

This of course, was the half- truth,

Our death isn’t the reason of birth,

Condemned maybe we to earth,

But our soul is more than worldy worth.

There’s this day which you ought to know,

Like me you’ve lost someone you loved…so here I go,

Do not judge for the words take turn,

Listen to my lines for life returns.

Not exactly the way you think,

But clouds turn silver and skies go pink.

His eternal grace draped in orange,

Stands imperial looking down the heavenly range.

This day the blessed spirits visit,

The place they used to call home, whilst.

Dressed in the finest silks of heaven

The only day when heaven lies open.

The home made holy with burning incense,

The incense made holier with their presence.

Close to the heavens driven by angels, they weave

The breach made my Adam and Eve.

The limited time they get from above,

To visit the worldly ties and proclaim their love

She told me too, forever does not consist of adieu

Because love once shared is always true.

With that said, she prayed and blessed

My tiny home without her addressed.

Her being in ethereal raiment

Became one with the earthly element.

Suddenly the earth seemed like earth,

Place for death and no spiritual rebirth.

But the fragrance of the incense

Lingered to deliver the sense.

I woke up then, it was all a dream,

It felt all so real, it couldn’t have been!

I had known something I had never known

That death is the darkness before the dawn.


Published July 7, 2014 by reginaginaxoxo

How I thought I had it all figured,
The story that only lives in the past
Should’ve manifested with a better outcome
And should’ve made fragments more than just a mere memory.
Did it make me all that I am?
Or am I still in the process of being something I am not, but should be?.
Those major arcanas show me hopeful
Those crystal balls go green,
I am excited yet so scared
Of what my life will be.
The rhymes of que sera sera
Whatever will be will be.
A larger portion of my life in learning and etiquette
Leaves me with a meager sum to live
To love more or to understand.?

The vehicle around town for a day
Adorned with flowers and reading signs of ‘’just married’’
And that is the problem with JUST
It is not going to stay forever.
You can have the’ JUST’ for a minute or for a day
But it will eventually fade away.
The momentary ‘JUST’ suspends the outcome
And in its wide but narrow arms we find solace.
A comfort of postponing with the word.

So I thought I had it all figured,
But older you grow
Less wise you become.
For in those tiny hands you had back then
Was JUST tiny but would mould the clay in your way.
With age we lose power and give in to those who could control us,
Not to those who should.
Not a clue where to go next,
Not wanting to settle for less
Searching all heaven and blue
For the tide to push me forward
….and also for the excuse.
You know me well when you read me,
When in JUST ten minutes I scribble with a pen
Just that life has got me saturated
Why you may ask?
Because my life is marked with infinite JUSTS
And as of now I JUST Graduated
And that is the problem with JUST,
the beginning of it always ends.

Ode to Instagram

Published February 7, 2014 by reginaginaxoxo


The day starts with the beep of an alarm

Snooze the alarm and switch to Instagram.

So what was the post you last checked?

Scroll down till you find the red hearted.

It has been six hours since

And too many photos to examine.

So Shelly bought a red shoe

‘’Lets heart it cause it’s new’’.

OMG! Amy got the latest iphone

It’s true because the box is shown.

Tia bought some exquisite Chanel

Perhaps that’s what the hastags tell.

So many posts to see….

Oh it’s time for my morning selfie.

Nvm, yet

Still in bed….

I’ll just post my morning coffee

And later my #ootd.


#quoteoftheday what a start!

It nearly, nearly, nearly touched my heart.

Today is THURSDAY….. you know what that means

You’re under attack

with Thursdays throwback.

Just counteract

And post your own throwback!

One follow request…

I am totally on top of Everest.

Two unfollows!

Damn you bitches! Karma knows to deal my sorrows!

Home is where the new posts come

I’ll again like some.

He’s somewhat a photographer and this post is his art

The trees look beautiful….here (double tap) just take my heart.

‘Likes’ now is the new game of luck

Especially if you aren’t holding your starbucks.

All that glitters are surely gold

Thank the edits the secret lies untold.

Caleb and his everyday celebrity crush

Manages to post despite all his rush

                                                A picture says a thousand words

What need of hashtags? That’s so absurd.

Instagram defy it all

The very reason why you are installed.

My profile is described as me

Cool or uncool ‘’followers’’ mark the decree.

We say we don’t want be judged but we do it everyday.

Unintentionally or intentionally we don’t want to fade into gray.

Trying hard to fit in is now our motto

Along with words like swag and Y.O.L.O!

Not our fault though

Even saints had follows.

Imagine if Jesus had Instagram!

No blasphemy intended but visualize the swarm!

It’s all what we live and do

Rely on other’s view too.

Insta’gram’! In pictures you weigh our lives

And on it, I guess, we thrive.

‘’Simple living high thinking’’- said the sage

(LOL) but everyone wants to make it to the popular page!

Think high and live high

If not… you’re assumed dry.

Tomorrow is another brand new day

Monday or Friday there’s post for all days.

Post anything and keep calm

Ready and steady be the ”infinite I am”

because now YOU are instagram!

ON Having a Hair-Cut

Published December 24, 2013 by reginaginaxoxo


I couldn’t change my life

So I cut my hair….

Resulting to odd moments who’s the man and who’s the wife?

I still cut it all out and was credited with weird stares.

                                                   A girl should have her ‘‘ornamental’’ hair-LONG!

I had it and it was blonde.

They say gentlemen’s prefer it….

Oh right! So did King-Kong!

I wore blue contacts too

Blue eyed blonde guess who?

A girl and Darjeeling her location

A not so typical yet typical victim of westernization!

Yes monkeys fell not so hard to tell

A trashy blonde and a fake blue eyed

Cut her hair and the superficiality died.

The fake colored hair with split ends

Who’d want that except fake friends and boyfriends?

Blue Barbie lenses overshadowing my natural brown

Walking in heels all over the town.

Oh! That was so me

And now tis Miley.

Except she’s cut her hair,

Poor soul under speculation and glare!

People don’t know

How much a girl has to think to and fro

-her life changing decision

About her hairs division!

                                                                   Hair-cuts equals to the body-cuts.

Guts my dear girlies, guts.

If fairly done, won’t hurt

If badly done no cute guys near to flirt.

If like me you used a razor!

Bravo girl join the club of (not necessarily a fundraiser)

Don’t mean to imply on local politic

Sincerely not my topic.

My hair! Who’d thought I’d ever look like this?

My long long fake blonde I sometimes miss.

When I cut my hair…

A part of me did care.

But it’s over and it’s gone,

So what even if it is all wrong?

The best part is being you.

Living your life anew.

It takes courage to live ‘’Aloud’’

It takes more to love yourself and be proud.

Beware of the girl who cuts her hair

She’s killed her past and is becoming a new debonair.

Her story will unfurl as the girl who cut her hair.

Haters be like- bitch please! You shaved your head!

Yes I did. Can you do it instead?

People be like- why’d you do it?

I hate to answer a stone-age question

But here’s it-

I couldn’t change my life so I cut my hair.

More people be like- has it changed the mess?

Damn! Nerve-wreckers mind your own business!

–         Regina Gurung

(A satire written on todays

Superficiality based on my opinion.

There is no reference to anyone

in particular.

If you feel so then it is a

sheer co-incidence

so do not take

It personally. This is a poem

About me in a satirical way and

Is not intended to hurt anyone. I am not saying

I’m great or anything but please don’t make

Me a victim of plagiarism, I already have been.)



P: s- if you liked it enjoyed it or hated it leave a comment below and let me know 😉 


Published October 15, 2013 by reginaginaxoxo



A reality has shot my mind

The truth, that we are all blind,

We only see all that is shown

We know no more than what is known,

Having two eyes…………

Neither makes us efficient nor wise.

Had we only one eye

What difference ? Only the same thing and the same lie.

What is the use of having two

When the old things are nothing new.

Shut one eye and open the other

Open both the eyes you see nothing another!

Oh we! The human-kind

All so privileged yet so blind!

What difference between us and the savage?

What positive advantage of our privilege?

As to reap is to sow

…as one eye to see the other to know.

Open the eyes that is not just in your face

Open the eyes that belong to the human race.

Reap and sow

See and know.

The value of our eyes is beyond than to just see .

Know the bonds manifesting mortals and eternity.