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Conquest of the Conqueror

Published August 5, 2014 by reginaginaxoxo

Strolling down the perils of hardship that maketh life,
A silhouette descending as men die in sunset,
I, again a common shadow was drenched in love and strife
Aimlessly strolling concluding something awaits.
Strolling down the perils that hope gives,
A silhouette starts ascending back to the hill
Sunset still, but the shadow leaves
Face to face with the perils is a power of will.
Marching up not towards the grave
But success- that still lies far away
Giving up or being brave?
We’re growing up to pave our own way.
Rocks and stones comes rolling down as perils
Mind that it’s not you strolling
They can knock you down and compile all ills
Determined shadow, striving, not strolling.
Marching on high to resist the odds,
Pace it up and there, you conquer!
Those same rocks and stones applauds,
The same hazardous life, you wish was longer.
Some give-up halfway, some reach the zenith
The victory rolls
And the world is underneath!



Published July 7, 2014 by reginaginaxoxo

How I thought I had it all figured,
The story that only lives in the past
Should’ve manifested with a better outcome
And should’ve made fragments more than just a mere memory.
Did it make me all that I am?
Or am I still in the process of being something I am not, but should be?.
Those major arcanas show me hopeful
Those crystal balls go green,
I am excited yet so scared
Of what my life will be.
The rhymes of que sera sera
Whatever will be will be.
A larger portion of my life in learning and etiquette
Leaves me with a meager sum to live
To love more or to understand.?

The vehicle around town for a day
Adorned with flowers and reading signs of ‘’just married’’
And that is the problem with JUST
It is not going to stay forever.
You can have the’ JUST’ for a minute or for a day
But it will eventually fade away.
The momentary ‘JUST’ suspends the outcome
And in its wide but narrow arms we find solace.
A comfort of postponing with the word.

So I thought I had it all figured,
But older you grow
Less wise you become.
For in those tiny hands you had back then
Was JUST tiny but would mould the clay in your way.
With age we lose power and give in to those who could control us,
Not to those who should.
Not a clue where to go next,
Not wanting to settle for less
Searching all heaven and blue
For the tide to push me forward
….and also for the excuse.
You know me well when you read me,
When in JUST ten minutes I scribble with a pen
Just that life has got me saturated
Why you may ask?
Because my life is marked with infinite JUSTS
And as of now I JUST Graduated
And that is the problem with JUST,
the beginning of it always ends.

13 Reasons why you are not studying

Published January 27, 2014 by reginaginaxoxo

13 Reasons why you are not studying

After my ‘assumed’ success of my first article you guys gave me a ‘Go-For-it’ sign and suggested I should attempt these non-poetic stuffs more often, so here I am bored again and its midnight so what’s next? Am I to tell you what’s next? Next is your freaking exam! Be it next week or next month or next next next month or next year or even next life…every single one of us who can read this is bound under its sorcery and we not only become the victims of the traditional sacrifice of common sense but also continue it as our legacy simply because it is inevitable. Whatever the cons maybe, education has played a pivotal role in shaping humanity and we are who we are today because of it. Just because I said ‘’whatever the cons maybe’’ doesn’t mean I don’t wish I was a reincarnation of a parrot at times. Sometimes it is honestly depressing to not be able to concentrate on books and all that I can recall is what I was thinking after opening the books for five minutes! So if you’re in the same boat with me read on ……….. This article will not help you but if you still prefer to read it instead of reading your book… you’re always welcome….. or maybe I am making it worse



                                                                 So you do chose to read it the reason why you are not studying…..hmmm

  1. First and foremost is the internet and its wickedies . Facebook and twitter for example, you would actually want to stalk your friend if he/ she is studying  and end up being updated on who’s freshly single and who’s currently dating Or in depressing case update your own status /tweet and ask who is studying and why aren’t you being able to- hello! Facebook isn’t the book you should be studying.


 (the image is in gif you won’t be able to see the animation on your mobile)

2. You love to chat, you love to talk and being hyper active has always been your forte and you think it’s ridiculous to study because you cannot chat with it. So I made little sense but what I meant was you become this in front of your book


And your reaction is


(the image is in gif you won’t be able to see the animation on your mobile)

3. You love to diss teachers and the reason why you attend your post-school necessity aka tuitions is because you still don’t want to obey your second teachers


(the image is in gif you won’t be able to see the animation on your mobile)

4.You are constantly distracted by your own hands. If your hand is autotelic  and reaches out for a remote or a cellphone whenever you open a book sorry to say you have an ‘idle hands’ syndrome.


 5. You are playing ‘candy crush’  like a barbarian who just discovered fire.



(the image is in gif you won’t be able to see the animation on your mobile)



And so like me if this is one major problem out of the 99 other major problems then you need to get a life.seriously.



6. You have too many social and virtual friends. You need to check your whatsapp /wechat/line frequenly because you’re in over 20 groups and pending thousand covos to read!




(the image is in gif you won’t be able to see the animation on your mobile)

7. Your imaginations unfurl at the wrong time ….let’s just say you have the ‘’fifth sense’’ like ESPN or something and its so flyImage


  1. Your imagination starts twerking you know… Valentines day is coming! Enough said as to why you aren’t studying . (oh that rhymed) 


 9. One primary reason why you cannot study is because you are plain STUPID. Sorry for breaking it out to you but your iq just wont process what you are reading


(the image is in gif you won’t be able to see the animation on your mobile)

 10. You are that ‘’snoozy’’ person you wish you weren’t , a lazy bum and you have posted them

And you actually like it and think it’s rewarding



Well it’s not and a sense of guilt hits you. You ought to mend your ways but then again procrastination comes along as the flower girl of the bride i.e laziness.

11. You’ve tried too many times to give two pence care but you just don’t care addaallll!!

And there’s the problem …..


(the image is in gif you won’t be able to see the animation on your mobile)

 12. You have this ridiculous habit of instagramming all that you do and besides not sparing the horror of selfies and foods, you have to take an instshot with a ‘’study mode on’’ and insta it to see who likes your studious look. Guilty? Noway is that your vote on exam prep.


 13. Lastly the most common problem of all… you decide to study with your friend/s because we were taught to believe that discussions are rewarding. Well… you end up discussing?


(the image is in gif you won’t be able to see the animation on your mobile)

 So now you just wasted your five minutes and if you can identify yourself in any one of the above mentioned points you know what to do…… I mean you figure out what to do. If not, do comment below the points I’ve missed and let me know. Adios get back to your books cuz you still can be a champion being an all-nighter


”We start it slow but we beat you in the finals”.

 All the best. Try and break it. Be a Samurai XD


  (the image is in gif you won’t be able to see the animation on your mobile)

Thanks for reading

XO Regina.

What’s so special about Darjeeling Girls???

Published January 23, 2014 by reginaginaxoxo

I am dying of boredom and despite of having tons of business to mind about esp. my upcoming exams I choose to start doing something that I have never attempted before. Actually I have but very few of you know that I am/ was a freelance writer and I love writing but I am hardly passionate about (anything). My honesty won’t be the best policy it seems. Getting to the point, today is one of those days where you hardly care about anything and you just want to twist and turn and sought your way out of the life that hardly seems moving. I’ve been irregularly sharing my personal poems and thanks to around 20 followers who read it. Well, today I decided to actually write something non-poetic. I KNOW I KNOW! I’ve been writing about Darjeeling like gazillion times and if it was legit for you, my readers ,to shoot me every time I mention ‘Darjeeling’  I’d be a living crocs by now or perhaps dead. But the place is such, my hometown is such that it has bewitched me and I am nothing less than fascinated, so here again I choose to write about Darjeeling….wait! Don’t quit reading! I am here to write about Darjeeling ‘Girls’ get your interest stimulated.

It is so easy to identify a girl from Darjeeling even if you’re in a crowded market place five or five hundred thousand miles away from hometown and you’ll have no clue she is Indian. Hold your breath I am in no mood to sing praises because only donkeys do that neither am I going to mock because only bitches do that, I’ll simply state the truth with a little bit of exaggeration because I can do thatJ.

  • Darjeeling girls complain about ‘’tan’’ but when a third pair of eyes see them they’re remarked to have a wonderful (mostly) fair skin.


  • They’ve heard it once, they’ve heard it twice. How the hell can cheeks look like apples?

When you hear that people are complimenting your natural blush…. I hope and not the round or heart shaped face structure. :p .


  • And there are those times when that natural blush turns into a catastrophic situation in an extremely hot climate….siliguri for example and every single pair of eyes simply ogling at you
  • Image

And you’re like what are they THINKING?

  • When travelling beyond the realms of familiarity people start addressing you as Chinese, Japanese and everything non- Indian but pro- Asian ( okay that came out wrong, but you get it right?). Tired of explaining and tired of hearing the traumatic response …. You just play along!


  • People suddenly get so curious about you! I mean about your hair. ‘’So what shampoo do you use?’’ “Your straightened hair is fabulous!’’ “How did you curl your hair like that?’’. Oh I use kalo saboon and everything in my hair is au naturale… even if it is not.. So what? The secret of the hills are not meant to be shared.


  • The ones who are above 5ft 3 inches are considered tall. Not just tall in D-town they are considered lucky and every tall girl has her air hostess or modeling dream achieved. Rest of us…..well sigh. I was reading Paradise Lost book one and I wondered if the dwarfs of the Himalayas was referred to us  :/ oh nvm didn’t mean to depress you. If you are above 5 ft you’re okay and if not… the secret why Darjeeling girls wear heels –revealed.


  •  You go on a first date :- climax is…..


  • Nevermind any of the above things mentioned. Don’t you think Darjeeling people in general  are ferociously talented? There is nothing called mediocre here. You can dance so captivatingly or even sing putting nightingale to shame (told you I would exaggerate)  and be a metal head rocking the Chowrasta festival or leisurely serenading on your guitar ? Often being the subject of envy of others. No offence but  I know you agree.


  • So I drifted a bit from my topic…. Where we we? Ahh yes. Why are Darjeeling girls special?  They say three W’s of Darjeeling aren’t to be trusted ‘’WEATHER,WINE and WOMEN’’  I guess a loser said that because the ‘weather’ of D- town though unpredictable is enigmatic and phenomenal because everything that is predictable is boring. ‘Wine’ well about that I do not fairly know much because we drink wine that is imported along with the rest of the world so I don’t know why Darjeeling’s wine in particular is not to be trusted? As long as it is not ‘Raksee’ they were referring to, my point seems valid enough. And ‘Women’… now what do I need to fathom or justify as I know a loser made that up? The letter ‘D’ itself define a woman of Darjeeling – Desirable yet Dignified.


  • Though referred to as a small town girl, do not mess with her, do not underestimate her and do not provoke her. Reasons?


  • Sometimes a misfit but definitely not a loner. Darjeeling girls are cheerful, pretty and nice though I cannot say that for some psychopaths , like every case here too lies an exception. Hey! I was just kidding. Daughters of the queen irrespective of all social evils that envelops our country are to be respected no matter how different or unlike we look. We are Indians nevertheless and have pledged the same National pledge calling ourselves as an ‘INDIAN’ . Darjeeling girls and people in general are special and feel special no matter what the circumstances are because we are one of the reason  why India is known as a ‘Diverse and multi-cultural’ nation.


And you make all the difference. 🙂

So it took me two complete hours to write this and I hope I made you smile and made you feel special. This is a locally based article(as if you couldn’t figure -_- ) so let me know if you liked it or hated it and give me your opinion if I should do these non-poetical  stuffs more often and I believe I missed a lot of points so do share your idea below. Thanks. Love you if you read this far Xo
I know the title is sexist…..but that is how i got you to read all of this 😀
– Regina Gurung


Published July 16, 2013 by reginaginaxoxo

ImageThey say the spirit and the body makes a man whole…

But what if I want to be free and live my soul?

What if the beautiful things are not seen

What if there’s an exceeding unknown beauty within?

What if the living so called is not living but dead…

And dead rather awake.

The soul lives and the body lives,

The body dies but the soul still lives.

What is anything divine…beyond creation?

When everything is an assumed illusion?.

Dust am I to Dust I return

But I am a soul…where do I belong?

The Earth and the Paradise

Have been shuffled by the wise.

The attributes of a man and all those courage

God himself said was made in his image…

If literally , was that his goal?

To make a man physical with a soul?

Why couldn’t He make or remake

A wind like soul widely awake…

Like invisible seasons coming and going

Not leaving us wondering but rather a feeling.

That way Adam and Eve would’ve no fall

No sin, no lust, nothing corporal.

No fever and no fret

But only the serene God’s breath.

No face to judge, no physical fall

Graceful and living, yet invisible.

Jesus wouldn’t had to be betrayed

Lord Buddha, at home could’ve stayed.

There would be no blood nor murder

Nor anything amiss the shatter.

Distance wouldn’t matter for nothing would be far

Nor could the physical eye witness the horror of the war.

Living body-less

Even Devil couldn’t possess,

No treachery, no lies nor good-byes

No hollow meaning that we are born to die.

But life half-imagined

Is fully challenged.

The superior voice decides

And we mortals do abide…

The body and the soul

As the holy communion is one whole…

For body is it’s own heaven

And in the death of which we find salvation.