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Much little of everything

Published June 17, 2013 by reginaginaxoxo

           I am starting a blog today and I am aware that I am just one of the numbers in this virtual world of blogging. NOTHING SPECIAL.

        If the synonym of ‘mess’ can be ‘combination’ then I fit into the word, EXACTLY. You will see me as a messed up girl, very pessimistic at times and in an hour i am a jolly optimistic all ready to go out with friends. I wonder who’s in control of Me, Myself and My existence? If I were to control myself by myself (as some typical quotations preach) then I wonder what’s the tough and the tricky part where I am completely clueless and oblivious. Anyway I am talking to you ATM if you exist anyway cause now again I wonder if ‘’talking to the walls’’ is actually a true statement (referring to facebook wall, just saying it in brackets if my words fall short of wits).

       I am not a de facto writer. I am more of a desperate artist, literally sensitive but lacking a clear cut passion. If reading and writing are complimentary then I am a disparage to this notion…..i am not much of a reader but more of a writer and much more of a poet. In anyway I have not been in harmony with stratas of my self – discovery programme.

            I was postponing my idea of opening a blog because I was looking for my passion and inspiration….and as a confused mess I had to ask my friends and acquaintances in regard to the subject that I should confine my virtual boundary. I got answers like ‘’fashion’’ ‘’poetry’’ ‘’traditions’’ etc and honestly I am just average in everything and to ‘stand-out’ is the law of social excellence right? So I decided to bunk the idea as I saw people I know coming up with great blogs in their respective field of merit and arête.

               Then some kind of realization dawned on me- I have to be myself and express the way I am TODAY. No not tomorrow, not next week or next month. We fear the ‘today’s’ and ‘tomorrow’ feels safe because we don’t have to make any decisions. This thought made TODAY my inspiration For some people I am an ace in the dozen and for some I am just flawed. This link in your toolbar opened today is a ‘’half-empty half-full’’ perception. You can read/unread my blog as nothing or you can assume it as everything, a much ado about nothing or a little about everything.

                                               WELCOME to my blog

                                World Wide Web- to communicate and associate. Image