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That House on a Hill

Published March 4, 2015 by reginaginaxoxo


In a land of praises that I’ve already sung,

Lies a distinct hill- dark and young.

Aphotic and murky because the sun is far-flung,

Callow and crude because the wisdom is wrung.

That red roof which points to heaven,

Calls for help, the victims lie within.

They are like you and me,

But benefits not the rose, but the thorn of family.

She was married off as soon as she was ripened

To a man triple her age, of course she was frightened!

His grey hair mortgaged his love for her,

The collapse took place when she begot a daughter.

The angelic face was his tattoo of disgrace,

He couldn’t love her for she had her mother’s face.

Abandoning them could’ve been easier,

But instead he preferred to stay and torture….

Day in and day out, a drunken ol’ man was all he chose to be,

Spitting and cursing his way home dragging his knees.

When hate brimmed seeing his bloodline a daughter,

His rage ruptured to beat the mother.

He bragged about his young mistresses to show he could do better,

But never brought them home for want was one and society another.

A man domesticated by society,

Yet ruined by the same entity.

Years passed-

He was alone and forlorn, stagnant in bed.

Who else to look after him in age if he never had a son?

Bruised old man, found his aid in the selfless care of two abused women.

He shut his eyes and his soul drifted further,

But a monster inside him still wished he never had a daughter.

-Regina Gurung


Fashion over Men

Published December 16, 2014 by reginaginaxoxo


Here’s my advice to you girls –
Never never give up on those splendid heels
Those majestic curls
And those invaluable pearls.

Keep reading if you want to know more,
Heartbroken or hung-over and need a cure?
It’s just a long poem for sure
That my haters will not endure.

If you’ve reached here, then read-on
Sometimes I talk of ‘ex’perience and witchdom
Like Eve was for Adam,
And Eve again for Fashion.

Caught between the two, her green coat came to the rescue,
She wore it on her date with Adam named Andrew
Two winters later her warm coat was still brand new
But where was Andrew? He had bid her adieu. 

Heartbroken for a while
She lost her heart but with a smile. 
Learnt a lot about Andrew and then Kyle
But above all learnt to value her style.

Damsel is meant for a beautiful sundress,
Not distress
could king be more powerful than Her Highness
In the game of chess?

The cycle continues
Every new dress is her muse,
Every heartbreak leads to new shoes,
Just kidding, if you know me well heartbreak is an excuse.

For Eve does what she likes,
Who cares if its stripes or motorbikes?
At the end of the day it’s about who has her heart
Will it be Romeo in distress or an online shopping cart?

You decide on that,
I’ll read what I just wrote……..
Cold and lonely as I end my note
I’ll recline back to my warm and loyal green coat.

A Beautiful Dream of Death.

Published November 29, 2014 by reginaginaxoxo


Her soul finally took its liberty,

The bodily bondage gripped with head, shoulder and the knee,

Death seemed to be the only key

That embraced mortals with eternity.

She’s gone now,

No monument of words and vows

Could fill the hollow

And her final sigh was her taking the bow.

Life had entertained her,

The tales she told proved her domineer,

A balanced being- kind and austere

A person I adored calling her grandmother.

It has been ages since her departure,

But why haven’t my lines spoken of her?

She used to live on this sphere,

Very much like you and me, thinking she had forever.

This of course, was the half- truth,

Our death isn’t the reason of birth,

Condemned maybe we to earth,

But our soul is more than worldy worth.

There’s this day which you ought to know,

Like me you’ve lost someone you loved…so here I go,

Do not judge for the words take turn,

Listen to my lines for life returns.

Not exactly the way you think,

But clouds turn silver and skies go pink.

His eternal grace draped in orange,

Stands imperial looking down the heavenly range.

This day the blessed spirits visit,

The place they used to call home, whilst.

Dressed in the finest silks of heaven

The only day when heaven lies open.

The home made holy with burning incense,

The incense made holier with their presence.

Close to the heavens driven by angels, they weave

The breach made my Adam and Eve.

The limited time they get from above,

To visit the worldly ties and proclaim their love

She told me too, forever does not consist of adieu

Because love once shared is always true.

With that said, she prayed and blessed

My tiny home without her addressed.

Her being in ethereal raiment

Became one with the earthly element.

Suddenly the earth seemed like earth,

Place for death and no spiritual rebirth.

But the fragrance of the incense

Lingered to deliver the sense.

I woke up then, it was all a dream,

It felt all so real, it couldn’t have been!

I had known something I had never known

That death is the darkness before the dawn.

Conquest of the Conqueror

Published August 5, 2014 by reginaginaxoxo

Strolling down the perils of hardship that maketh life,
A silhouette descending as men die in sunset,
I, again a common shadow was drenched in love and strife
Aimlessly strolling concluding something awaits.
Strolling down the perils that hope gives,
A silhouette starts ascending back to the hill
Sunset still, but the shadow leaves
Face to face with the perils is a power of will.
Marching up not towards the grave
But success- that still lies far away
Giving up or being brave?
We’re growing up to pave our own way.
Rocks and stones comes rolling down as perils
Mind that it’s not you strolling
They can knock you down and compile all ills
Determined shadow, striving, not strolling.
Marching on high to resist the odds,
Pace it up and there, you conquer!
Those same rocks and stones applauds,
The same hazardous life, you wish was longer.
Some give-up halfway, some reach the zenith
The victory rolls
And the world is underneath!