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ON Having a Hair-Cut

Published December 24, 2013 by reginaginaxoxo


I couldn’t change my life

So I cut my hair….

Resulting to odd moments who’s the man and who’s the wife?

I still cut it all out and was credited with weird stares.

                                                   A girl should have her ‘‘ornamental’’ hair-LONG!

I had it and it was blonde.

They say gentlemen’s prefer it….

Oh right! So did King-Kong!

I wore blue contacts too

Blue eyed blonde guess who?

A girl and Darjeeling her location

A not so typical yet typical victim of westernization!

Yes monkeys fell not so hard to tell

A trashy blonde and a fake blue eyed

Cut her hair and the superficiality died.

The fake colored hair with split ends

Who’d want that except fake friends and boyfriends?

Blue Barbie lenses overshadowing my natural brown

Walking in heels all over the town.

Oh! That was so me

And now tis Miley.

Except she’s cut her hair,

Poor soul under speculation and glare!

People don’t know

How much a girl has to think to and fro

-her life changing decision

About her hairs division!

                                                                   Hair-cuts equals to the body-cuts.

Guts my dear girlies, guts.

If fairly done, won’t hurt

If badly done no cute guys near to flirt.

If like me you used a razor!

Bravo girl join the club of (not necessarily a fundraiser)

Don’t mean to imply on local politic

Sincerely not my topic.

My hair! Who’d thought I’d ever look like this?

My long long fake blonde I sometimes miss.

When I cut my hair…

A part of me did care.

But it’s over and it’s gone,

So what even if it is all wrong?

The best part is being you.

Living your life anew.

It takes courage to live ‘’Aloud’’

It takes more to love yourself and be proud.

Beware of the girl who cuts her hair

She’s killed her past and is becoming a new debonair.

Her story will unfurl as the girl who cut her hair.

Haters be like- bitch please! You shaved your head!

Yes I did. Can you do it instead?

People be like- why’d you do it?

I hate to answer a stone-age question

But here’s it-

I couldn’t change my life so I cut my hair.

More people be like- has it changed the mess?

Damn! Nerve-wreckers mind your own business!

–         Regina Gurung

(A satire written on todays

Superficiality based on my opinion.

There is no reference to anyone

in particular.

If you feel so then it is a

sheer co-incidence

so do not take

It personally. This is a poem

About me in a satirical way and

Is not intended to hurt anyone. I am not saying

I’m great or anything but please don’t make

Me a victim of plagiarism, I already have been.)



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