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Published October 15, 2013 by reginaginaxoxo



A reality has shot my mind

The truth, that we are all blind,

We only see all that is shown

We know no more than what is known,

Having two eyes…………

Neither makes us efficient nor wise.

Had we only one eye

What difference ? Only the same thing and the same lie.

What is the use of having two

When the old things are nothing new.

Shut one eye and open the other

Open both the eyes you see nothing another!

Oh we! The human-kind

All so privileged yet so blind!

What difference between us and the savage?

What positive advantage of our privilege?

As to reap is to sow

…as one eye to see the other to know.

Open the eyes that is not just in your face

Open the eyes that belong to the human race.

Reap and sow

See and know.

The value of our eyes is beyond than to just see .

Know the bonds manifesting mortals and eternity.